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Our focus is professional reliability each and every day.

Longarm Technologies (LAT) is a third party logistics (3PL) provider.

LAT offers dedicated or shared operations to provide a full range of supply chain solutions. LAT takes care of your logistics needs, so that you can focus on your business operations.


Our extensive network of over 350 business partners allows us to specialize in the following commodities:

IT Equipment, Hardware, and Software

Communications Equipment and Electronics

Canine/Veterinary Supplies and Equipment

Medical Supplies and Equipment

Safety & Security Equipment (IE: Shredders)

Office Furniture, Equipment, and Supplies

Tools and Shipping Supplies

Advanced Technology Equipment

Expendable Items

Warehouse and Industrial Equipment

Off-Road Vehicles and Trailers

Firearms, Ammunition, and Accessories

Books and Publications

Gymnasium and Fitness Equipment

Tactical Clothing and Footwear

Tactical Equipment and Field Gear

Boats and Maritime Equipment & Supplies

Many Other Commodities Based On Customer Requirements

Our Mission

To work with our customers to understand their specific and unique supply chain requirements.
LAT will then tailor a plan that effectively achieves those results, while maximizing efficiency and effectiveness – thereby reducing costs and potential time delays.

We ensure that the right material, gets to the right place, at the right time.

We understand each customer’s unique mission requirements. 

Our supply chain solutions focus on accomplishing your simple and complex logistic challenges, with a focus on supporting your mission.

Our capabilities include developing a plan for our clients as well as coordinating and managing that plan to ensure success while maintaining security and cost effectiveness.

At Longarm Technologies, we are your global network of logistics professionals standing ready to support your operations around the clock and around the globe.


Longarm Technologies, LLC